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I haven't done one of these in ages. Of course, it took me over a year to finish it. Damn you, WMM!

Ichigo and Orihime, the not-so-epic lovestory that shouldn't have ever happened. And hopefully won't.

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Once again, this is actually Draco's AMV, but it is posted to my youtube account. Therefore, I'm also archiving it here for reference purposes.

One another note, it's my birthday... and I graduate from college tomorrow. Ah ha, bitches!!

A crazy girl, the emo boy, and a badass. Oh, how the not-really-mighty have fallen.

Edit: Officially bannated by youtube.


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I'm once again posting for Draco-sama. Plus, it makes me look like I have more AMVs than I actually do.

Kyouya, that not-so-bastardly bastard, and Tamaki, his boy love-slave.

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Another one of Draco's AMVs, but since it is posted on my Youtube account, I went ahead and added the link here purely for my own purposes.

Kantarou and Haruka, emo boy-love is sublime.

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Ah, another AMV. It only took me a few weeks to do it, too. And that's even factoring in the fact that my WMM decided it didn't want to work. Go figure.

Hitsugaya Toushiro, the amazing child prodigy, who has some decided anger and relationship issues.

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Yeah, this is technically Draco's AMV, but she wanted me to post it on youtube. As such, I figured that I might as well link it here also.

Gin and Toushirou's lovefest. Note my sarcasm.

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Yet another AMV I've made, and unlike the others, this one is rather recent, done within the last few days.

Byakuya, the emo king, not to mention Rukia, Ichigo, and Renji.

Edit: Officially deleted by youtube. The bastards.



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